Recruiting and selecting the right sales candidates is a critical task that requires a great deal of effort which always impacts the bottom line.

The cost of a bad hire is very high. Even an average salesperson can sell themselves in an interview, therefore it is often difficult to get an accurate read on their true abilities. The aptitude to clearly understand the make-up of a high achiever for your business is not easy. Therefore, many leaders must use their strong intuition when selecting candidates to join their sales team.

4k medya Sales & Marketing COMMUNICATIONS helps leaders formalize the selection criteria and increase their understanding of the candidate’s true abilities, which will lead to hiring top sales talent every time. Our Search Consultants conduct detailed behavioral interviews to ensure they recruit and place high level sales talent that can manage any sales process no matter how complex. Whether you are looking for your next VP of Sales or an Account Manager and you want to hire top sales talent for your company, contact us today.

4k media Sales & Marketing works with companies of all sizes across all industries and has been providing recruiting solutions for the Permanent Placement and Contract market. 4k media Sales & Marketingsales is currently servicing clients in both Canada and United States; using our direct presence through our international network of offices which enables us to source top sales and marketing talent anywhere in the world.

 All of our divisions are led by specialized recruitment consultants that have a wide network of contacts in their respective verticals. Our recruitment consultants have relevant industry experience which gives them the required understanding and insight of each position requirement. It is this understanding, combined with a strategic mix of head-hunting, networking, internet marketing techniques and our internal database that ensures we always present the most experienced and qualified candidates.

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